Saturday, May 24, 2014

We have started a model session at the Conroe Art League

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It is alot of fun to have a good model session so close to home.  I am hoping they have the support to keep it going.  I love drawing from the model.  


Stephanie Berry said...

These are great! Love your approach to doing figures. Your watercolors are rich and interesting.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

I like this model's pose - lots of interesting shapes here.

Marilyn Lowry said...

Thanks for posting this, Liz. Getty is a really good model. We will beresuming regular drawing sessions on two Thursdays a week at the Conroe Art Gallery, 227 Simonton in Conroe. Looking for more participants!
Marilyn Lowry

Color Cat Studios said...

This is my former student, Jessica, whom I invited to model years ago. She's been doing it ever since! :)

Remember pigeons?

Finished some pigeons for Mossrock Gallery.  Andy at Mossrock loves to hang these birds around the gallery.