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Showing posts from July, 2011

30 ptgs

Better get busy, Dragonfly Art Gallery in Austin wants 20 - 30 paintings for Sept show.

It's about time

It is about time I finished this painting, kept doing other things and needed to finish this one.  Think it works.

another technique explored

am trying to intergrate some of my flower paintings into my figure paintings.  Love trying new avenues of expression.

Quick Watercolor Sketches (20 minute)

I have been really amiss about posting to my blog for a few days.  Will try to do better.  These are sketches from today's work, one or two could turn into a finished piece....or not.

my latest ballet painting

it's time to switch subjects for a while, so I don't get stale.  This one was done on sketch paper, tore it up and applied it to watercolor paper.  It has many layers.

Woodlands class

I am giving a 6 week class in drawing and painting the figure.  It' s a great group and think they are learning already.  Can't wait for next week now.


I have some time to experiement with ideas as I do not have to start teaching for a couple of weeks.  Soooo it's time to play with ideas.  Any input or critique or comment  is appreciated and  helpful as I only see what I did, not a fresh look.  Thanks in advance