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"In the Klimt Manner"

sold  Entered this piece in the Woodlands Art Show in the abstract experiemental division.  I received 2nd place.  Will take it to the Lsag convention if I am not working that day.

finished finally

I have finally finished this image, it has had me obsessed with getting it right for 2 weeks.  It is on canvas, 20 x 30".  Will take it to the gallery.

on canvas

Used acrylic to do this work on canvas.  Am still trying to decide if it needs more work, think it does.

a few more will work

Northwest Art League has a few more spaces left for the Liz Hill Figure, Collage, Mixed Media Workshop to be held April 19-21 at the Norchester Clubhouse from 10 to 4PM. This is limited to 15 students. Cost is $185 plus model fees split between students. Send $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot payable to NWAL, to Claudia Leffler, 11502 Advance Dr, Houston, TX 77065. Call Claudia at 281-469-6769 or email for questions. Claudia Leffler

Yesterday, March 20th

sold              I did this watercolor at the Saturday morning nude session. It was my birthday and afterward had lunch with my daughter and dinner with friends,. It was a great birthday and like the watercolor.


Gloria is one of my favorite models.  She modeled for us on Wed. at the Watercolor Society.  This was probably my best sketch.

march 16

Am attempting to put together another group of women collage pieces.  Am hoping to stay on tract and get at least 6 of them finished.  I tend to go in many directions at once, probably due to varied experiences that attract my eye.  Once I see something I want to paint, I can't do anything else until I do it.

conroe workshop

This is a fine group of artists that I taught last Saturday.  We all had a really great time and hopefully we all learned something.

a description of my demonstration

Demonstration, Feb 14 at WASH Liz Hill graciously shared her amazing knowledge, skills and abilities by demonstrating
her creative technique of combining collage and watercolor. We got a glimpse

into the personal context of what inspires Liz.

Liz presented a composition that she had previously started painting while attending

the WAS-H Wednesday model session. Liz mentioned that the model wore a scarf,

and she began demonstrating her method of tearing collage papers as a means to interpret

the pattern of the scarf. Liz applied matte

medium directly onto the painting and then

brushed matte medium and collage papers onto

the surface of the painting. An audience member

asked Liz, “Do you use matte medium full

strength?” Liz answered, “Yes, today I am. But

you can also water it down if you need to.”

Liz continued to describe the skirt that the

model was wearing. Liz lightly sketched with

line charcoal and then applied watercolor onto

the patterned flowered skirt. She also demonstrated

the …

workshop Saturday

Did a abstract landscape
as a sample for the landscape
workshop coming up Saturday.
Can't wait to get back to my


Am changing out artwork at Bellville,
will take this in and see if they are
interested in carrying it.

great client

I have the nicest clients in the world.  This gentleman was kind enough to send me a photo of my "In the Picasso Manner" that he had framed and featured in this living room.  Now that's what I call thoughtful.


I finished the Bailey dog pieces this week.  Decided to just hang them without the antique window as the piece got very large when the window was included.  They are hanging at Archway Gallery, where Deborah Bay and Sue Burke Harrington are featured this month.  I got good comments.

demonstration for Bryan Texas workshop

enjoyed this workshop immensely and the group fo people were the nicest ever.  Am attempting to catch up as am checking on the "Just Figures" show tonite which begins tomorrow nite.  Will paint with the "6 Figure Artists" tonite.