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Kat is back modeling, we are all so happy

Had the opportunity to draw Katherine again after months
                                                 away, none like her, she moves so
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And Patricia for the new year...

So Happy New Year  for all


Brave the weather, come see the opening of "Animals" at the Art Car Museum

Come out in the cold

My Entry              Come out and brave the cold Saturday nite for the opening of "Animals" show
                       at the Art Car Museum, should be a fun show.  7:00 to 10:00.  See you

We have had some great models at the Watercolor Society

Riley is a pro
New model

A great Day yesterday

My new favorite model, Cali, she can do anything.

                 Cali is a dancer and one of the strongest models  I know , will finish this for the membership show at WASH, my favorite show  , a no miss as they have so many merchandise
\                                                              awards.  Got a good one last year

collage workshop, Nov 1 and 2