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more "ballet"


Some recent sketches

I have been attending model sessions, trying to catch up .  I have some new ideas I want to try, but if I don't work some pieces  thru to finish, I end up with alot of starts and no completes.  Le Quattro will be doing a show downtown at Betz Gallery in September.  Also in September is my show and workshop at the Dragonfly Gallery in Austin.  Think I need to get busy to have enough for 2shows.

more current work

this is the finished demonstration I did at the watercolor society workshop.  another ballet collage painting, will now work on multiple ballet images in motion.  Wish me luck.

Thought you might enjoy seeing a demonstration step by step

This is the demonstration I did for the workshop last weekend, June  3,4,5 ....a student was so kind to take pictures as I did it and send them to me.

Watercolor Society Demonstration, June 2011 - picture slideshow

Wonderful work from the weekend at the Watercolor Society

Am so sorry I did not get everyones work for this was all so exciting but some left early

Watercolor Society Workshop June 2011 - slideshow dvd

Up dating images...

demofor the woodlands workshop another ballarina