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Showing posts from August, 2012

Trying to get it together

Am trying to get some figure drawings together , want to teach a figure class in Conroe, but need samples.  Just finished this one.

finished this today,

Will take this over to the Woodlands Gallery this afternoon.  It is my fish image, and I call this piece "Rockport" is 28" x 22" on canvas..alot of fun to do.

Finally done

I have wanted to do some paintings with my fish image.  Since I did not have a current one (the last one sold) I had to do one first.  The background is an antique  Dutch bible.

some new work

New material

Have done alot of quick sketching this week.  Am ready to get back to a finished painting, but have alot of new material. 

Even did some flowers, which I haven't done in some time.  I look forward to working with these elements.

Edited again

Hopefully the end of this one

I sold the ballet dancer drawing too soon, I really like it so keep trying it again.

two days in a row

Did drawings of Gloria (see model below) 2 days in a row.  What a treat, and am ready to do something else now.

another Gloria painting from thursday

one of my favorite models...

some sketches from the model session at the Watercolor Society

and changed again

Finished I think......

am working on canvas again

Back from Dallas

Went to Dallas with a fellow artist to see the Freud show, a not to be missed if you are anywhere near Ft. Worth.   The Modern art Museum has this show and probably the only opportunity to see his work unless you are going to England.  Day after I did another of my favorite models, Majella, from the Netherlands.  What character she has.  Am also working on another larger painting, but not ready to show it yet.