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Class is on, thanks

Happy to report class is on, see you Tuesday morning,                                              Time for fun now, lots of experimenting..

Tues morning

If anyone interested in my new Tues morning class, we will be doing
                                        mixed media painting, no model, just fun experimental work.  It is
                                         from 9:30 to 12:30, not enough students to make a class right now,
                                          only a week away.  Contact me if intersted,

great new model

always god to have a new model, Rae is outstanding.

1st project/ October class at WASH

Our first project in class will be to do a prepared surface and then do work on that surface.  I happen to love birds so no surprise I picked a bird for starters.

Preview of next class, Oct, 4 tuesday mornings

Comic relief fromm all of the misery of Harvey

sometimes I am good

for I don't know how long I have had stacks of paintings on paper.  While strolling thru IKEA I saw these pants hangers for $1 each.  Bought a bunch and am now hanging all of these paintings in a closet in my studio.  Did I see this somewhere or did I just get a good flash of intelligence?