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march 26

March 23

I am finally getting back to painting, usually after I post something I find somethingthat needs to change.  I want to draw and paint Saturday morning, it's been 3 months sisnce I have been able to do it.

March 21

Mossrock gallery is a beautiful venue. I'm going to be well enough to go.

March 18

this  is the ad for the opening at Mossrock Gallery April 1.  I am trying to get well enough to attend.

Out of hospital

I had surgery on Feb 28, came home this week.  At last I am fixed and heading toward health again.  I drew and painted yesterday , It felt wonderful.  Thank you to all my wellwishing friends online,,I have so appreciated your support.  LeQuattro has a show the 19th, cannot attend but am getting work ready for show.  It feels fabulous to just show again.