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Showing posts from January, 2013

watercolor sketches

Think that this is a successful watercolor sketch done in 20 minutes, will leave it alone.

a lesson in texture

Was taking a little class from Susan Gianntonia, all about texture, so put it all in this paiinting.

drawings from today's model session

am going to make a  painting of the 2nd one, will leave the others alone I think

International Show

Am entering this in the international show at the Watercolor Society.  It's very simple and may not get in but I like it.

last nite

great model last nite, unfortuneately can't get blooger to work right today.  will try another approach.  Hopefully at least one of these can be a finished piece.  Hope.

Houston weather

this is on canvas, I have worked on it diligently, but not sure it's done yet. The weather has been so bad, have had time to work on my paintings. 
This piece is what I am considering entering in the International show.  Am very undecided on this.  Feedback? Feedback?

3rd place

This is the piece that got 3rd place at the watercolor society, their first show of the year.

For the series

I am trying to get my fish painting series  going, I forgot to turn the date stamp off on this one.  This is done on the pages of an antique Dutch bible.  I have alot of ideas, can't do them fast enough.

Thirty Paintings, thirty days

A small watercolor painting, approx 8 x 11"..will post it on other blog.  $50

Thurs model session

cute model from Thursday session,  finished it at home


did an oil painting to  celebrate the new year, hopeful for a good one.