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Beautiful black model

Some life drawings

Some life drawings from the last week...

Finally Up

This commission piece for the airport is 12 feet wide and 5 feet tall.  I started it in November, and they decided to hang it in the Black Walnut Cafe at the Executive Airport in Conroe.  They picked it up 2 weeks ago, and was waiting patiently for the finished product, wanted to know how they were going to hang it on that block paneling they have, looks liek they changed it.  Very exciting for me.

Cute model

Had a cute model named Jazzlyn today, she's only 18 years old but knows how to move it around.  Maybe I can do a real painting, these are just 20 minute sketches.  I always have to work harder to do black skin.  Not sure I accomplished that at all.  

Cold weather, good painting

My huge project has not been hung as yet, so am treading water waiting.  In the meantime, I am trying to get some other work done.  This cold weather is great for staying indoors and painting.  .