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some quick sketches from this week

I have a new favorite drawing tool, it is watersoluble carbon square by ArtGraf.  It is great for putting in some really dark darks .  I use that as well as watersoluble graphite stick, again by ArtGraf.  Fabulous.

Demonstrations from Wenmohs Ranch

I am getting a new camera this week, the quality of my pictures is so poor, I apologize.
Had a great time at Wenmohs Ranch this Week.  What a fabulous group of artists.
They are having an art show this weekend and next.  Think someone said there would be 300 pieces for sale.  I put 4 pieces of my own in there.

some quick sketches

Had some fun today drawing another artist's daughter, love to do sketching with a little watercolor.  She's a natural model .  

Vivian has moved back east

Darn, have lost another model.  She was a favorite...