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San Miquel

Always kept a picture of San Miquel that I took from the balcony of the condo where we stayed.  It finally found a place in my landscape series.  This is paint, decorative papers , crayons and anything else I grabbed.

Nude model

Got to do some nude painting for a while this morning.  What a treat, it has been a long time since I have had a free Saturday morning. 


Had fun in Livingston today, did this demo for them, but it still needs work, will do it tomorrow.  Very nice people and a lot of good food.

A quote from Nicholas Simmons, hmm something to think about.

Learning too much about the materials is a mistake, in my opinion. I've noticed the people who become preoccupied with all of that are often not very good artists. I see an over-reliance on value studies and planning as largely a waste of time. Worrying about what others will think is very bad. The idea of "purist" watercolor has nothing whatsoever to do with art, so obsession with that is obviously a mistake. There is the notion that painting everyday has some inherent value, but I don't agree. I'm not saying it's bad, but painting for the sake of painting does nothing for me.

Patricia in Conroe

Patricia came up to Conroe to model for us, what a treat, she's a pro.  I again used mixed media paper.  I will go tomorrow to Livingston to do a demonstration for the league up there.  Am taking a couple pieces from last week to work on.  Bought more mixed media, but it is not heavy enough to take collage, will need to get some heavier.

A New Surface

I have been working on Mixed media surface, and am finding it rather fun.  It has a vellum surface which means the paint sits on it and moves around very easily.  If anyone knows how this paper is made let me know.  We had a beautiful model at the Watercolor Society yesterday.

Model from Wash

Promised the model who came to the Watercolor demo a  painting.  He wants this one, so I will finish it.

Watercolor Society

Had fun doing a demonstration at the Watercolor Society yesterday.  Am working with a  new computer so am limited on what I can do.  Will finish this soon as it is sold and need to deliver.  I also worked with Michael the model from last Wed., will give him one of my works when done.

Watercolor Society

I am doing a demonstration at the Watercolor Society tomorrow.  I will take this one on cavas as well as a fish on canvas. I first applied very old dress patterns to the canvas for background interest.  We'll see what they think.

A new Model

We had a new model at the Watercolor Society today.  I was using the new mixed media paper which is different from watercolor paper.  Am not sure if I will continue to use it.  I have a demonstraiton Sunday at the Watercolor meeting, may take them and see what anyone else thinks.

Back home

Am delighted to be home even with all of the work I have to do.  We had a beautiful Jamaican woman at portrait class this morning. It was fun to get back to my own work, it has been neglected.  I added a little collage for interest (hand made paper ).