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Showing posts from October, 2016

Pueblo Dog

This dog looked as rugged as the landscape, he was very leary of strangers and half hidden.  Think I caught him, could not resist the pink.

Santa Fe Dogs

Saw wonderful dogs in Santa Fe, and they are walked by very proud owners.  Some of them you are not sure if you are looking at a wolf or a dog.  Can't resist doing a series of them.

My first LANDSCAPE after trip

This is 24 x 24" on canvas, had to get this one done as it was laying heavy on my brain.  This was coming back from Taos to Santa Fe .

Home from New Mexico

a stunning view among many, paintings floating around my head,  A favorite lasting impression was seeing the work of Rick Bartow at the Contemporary Arts Museum.  Have been a fan for a long time, but what a surprise to learn that what I thought was paint was pastel.  Amazing work.
Rick Bartow, Crow‘s Creation V, 1992, pastel, graphite on paper, © Rick Bartow, Froelick Gallery