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9 -29 Thurs

Some starts from today's work, we'll see.  As I said before, trying to get some samples ready for the class at Wenmohs ranch. 

looking forward to class

I am getting ready to go to Wenmohs ranch for a workshop.  I have never been but have always heard about it.  It is supposed to be a working ranch.  My friend Annette and her daughter are going, her daughter is taking my workshop, her mother can roam the ranch.  Annette Palmer is a great artist, she doesn't need my help.  This I did as an example for class, and then liked it myself. 


THIS was my best drawing for today.  Ilove that the Woodlands now has model sessions at the Gallery, don't have to drive so far.

Sept 19

another recent image

austin demonstration

austin artists

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Work from Austin

Had a wonderful workshop in Austin.  It looks like I can't make a slideshow with all of these entries, so enjoy.  The work was outstanding and have tried to make a movie, slideshow, and all but alas  have failed.   Sooooooooooooo, this is it folks.
I will be showing a piece of work in this show, it should be a fun evening.

Am going to Austin for opening

Thought I would post a couple watercolors before I pack up everything to teach a class in Austin.  They have an opening for me at Dragonfly Gallery, to be followed tomorrow by a 3 day workshop.  Know we will have fun, as it is always a good group in Austin

Last nite

at the opening of the "Le Quattro" show last nite, this was my piece that received the most attention.  Second was my seagulls.  Hmmmm.

Tonite Betz Opening

"Le Quattro" at Betz Art Gallery

"Le Quattro" contemporary art that inspires .When: Sep 3, 2011 - Sep 20, 2011

Time: 6:00 pm

Cost: Free

Betz Art Gallery, 1208 W. Gray, Houston, Texas, 77019 phone: 713 576 6954