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another one

Another one appeared on my easel.  I am participating in an Art Party at Jimmy McDonalds' place in Stagecoach, thought I woould do one for that.  My last 2 are sold.

Monday model

Stronger darks


My Conroe class has been wanting to do a collage landscape, so I tried this one.  The shine on the papers makes it difficult to photograph, but it was fun to do.  Feedback?   The darks reflect light and look lighter, may work on it some more and repost. 

quick sketches from today

Had a lovely new model today...I enjoyed drawing and painting her immensely.  I want to try more of these.  Half charcoal, half watercolor, may add some paper and acrylic.

Monday morning

Beautiful model this morning, want to use her again.

Background music

Have been working on different surfaces.  I have a great friend who gave me old sheet music, this one is actually the "Lord's Prayer" but you wouldn't know it.  I also used maps for the dress.  Enjoy experiementing and will probably do some more. 

fixed somewhat, still more work