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October 31

Did the drawing for this last Wednesday at the Watercolor Society.  Finished today, it's Patricia , a beautiful young model from Cuba.  I worked yesterday to help hang the show at The Studio in the Woods.  Will have an opening on Friday nite.  I entered 11 pieces, for all the work, am hoping we get a good crowd.

something different

After the model session Saturday morning I couldn't' resist experiementing with the model.  We'll see if I do it again.  Just get out the colored pencils and play with the image.

October 22

My latest picture of Patricia, it's amazing that I would not think she is one of my favorite models, however I seem to get good work from her.  Sooooooooo.  Obviously I don't know what works.  I did not use her for my workshop, but should have.  I am planning a large painting on canvas next.

demonstration from Saturday

this is the demo I did for the Woodlands students.  They picked up everything really quick and they did some wonderful work.  See below

the Second group

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Slide show of Woodlands Art Gallery Workshop I

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sketch of Gloria

While going thru sketches I came across this sketch of Gloria, I like it and think I will use it in my class starting Friday at the Woodlands Art Gallery.  Don't exactly know how we will get 13 students, a model and myself in that room, but we'll see.  Will go over tomorrow and check things. out.

reworked piece

This piece has bothered me since day 1.  I have reworked it, but am still not sure it suits me.  It's very hard to photograph because of the metallic paint.  Have been studying Gustav Klimt, but can't seem to get the hang of it.  The detail in this photograph is lost. Trying to photograph the metallic paint is very difficult.

another try

Painted Patricia for another chance at the membership show.  Am not wure about this one.  May not enter it.
This piece got 3rd place in the Membership show at the Watercolor Society.  It also sold.