Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have some time to experiement with ideas as I do not have to start teaching for a couple of weeks.  Soooo it's time to play with ideas.  Any input or critique or comment  is appreciated and  helpful as I only see what I did, not a fresh look.  Thanks in advance


liz hill said...

I already see that I need to finish off the hand, it's missing.

Dee Doyle said...

At first "blush," it has a very appealing monochromatic feel, but then I look deeper into the painting and see all the color. You are a maestro making the note sing where they are supposed to without screaming ... Love the hair and the eyes! Love the use of so many mediums and love the looseness.

liz hill said...

thank you Dee, I think you must like it.

Sadami said...

Dear Liz,
Wow...!! All your figures are very attractive. Work has charm. Technically, it teaches me lots. Thank you. Please keep up!
Kind regards,Sadami

Remember pigeons?

Finished some pigeons for Mossrock Gallery.  Andy at Mossrock loves to hang these birds around the gallery.