Monday, April 10, 2017


Have spent the last month all involved in moving, so glad to be here and will eventually settle in.  My art studio had workmen in it all day, can't wait for all the work to be done and organize and actually do some work.  Have attended a couple model sessions, but have been so distracted have not done a lot of painting.  So straight ahead.  We had a wonderful session at Art Discourse (it is a group I do for artists where we meet, show work and talk art).  Much fun, but realized how little work I have done for the past month or two.  So I am posting my birds made with hand-made papers from a papermaking workshop last summer with Rix Jennings in the Heights.  He is the master.  Anyway in case I did not post before here goes: 

These are a couple of my favorites, will do more when the studio is done. 


Ariane said...

Beautiful!!!! And wonderful!!!

Liz Hill said...

Thank u so much, feedback is so important

Susan Liles said...

Love your technique on these cranes, so beautiful.