Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Art Discourse group

My group nixed the pink background, it is now a light green.  Looks gray on the net, is that my camera or what?  I am putting together a show for a Galveston opening at Susan Tyler's Studio November 26,  Art Walk,   Susan  is a great oil painter herself, selling alot of her work from the website.  Please stop by and take a look, it is on Postoffice but down by the historical homes.  1201 Postoffice, Galveston 77550.  My work will be up thru December.  


Patricia the model said...

Pretty puppy...sad puppy...

Painting in Tuscany said...

Dear Liz,
I always enjoy your beautiful art! It is a lot of inspiration on my personal research for more abstract and expressive way of painting. I mainly paint and teach watercolours, but I love your mixed media! I've ben following you for a long time, and you are on my blogroll. Maybe you would like to see my work and hopefully add me to your list?!
Many greetings from Tuscany,

Trudy askew said...

Your dogs are damn good!

Liz Hill said...

Just saw this, so sorry. Would love to check out your work. Liz Hill

Good to see Patricia again

am  having computer problems, cannot upload the other paintings.  I think I hate computers