Saturday, October 13, 2012

Canvas piece

This piece is really difficult to photograph, as it has gold gesso as the base.  it reflects light back into the camera.
This piece was accepted into the members show at The Watercolor Society.  It also has alot of gold and doesn't photograh very well.  I doubt that it will place or even get an honorable mention as it is not a traditional watercolor.  Lately, it seems the very traditional work is on the winner's wall. 


myra anderson said...

both are beautiful - love, love the ballerina!

liz hill said...

thanks Myra, have not done an oil in a long time, but decided to do it with the oil paint that uses water rather than turp. Glad you like it.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Hi Liz! I love both of these pieces but especially the ballerina! I can't imagine that you wouldn't do well in any show but if not, perhaps you should expand your horizons to some more creative and forward thinking watercolor society's shows. Your work is so interesting and inspiring, it needs a more appreciative audience.
I visited my friend Seana Mallen's figure class the other day and she was using your blog paintings and your collage ideas on her computer screen to inspire her students. They were quite inspired and did some fabulous work! I will email you some photos.

this is for the July show at the Watercolor Society

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