Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Before the workshop

Am teaching a workshop at the new gallery run by the Conroe Art League starting tomorrow..  The city spent a fortune remodeling an old office building in the heart of downtown.  It is so beautiful.  The workshop room is fabulous, it has the original wood floors.  I finished this piece today to use as an example.  I always try to have some examples of different kinds of work to inspire the students.  .  Wish me luck.  I also had my website updated this week.  It is  Take a look.


Virginia said...

Pinterest works! I found your wonderful artwork there today. Oh I wish I could be there for the workshop.
All the best to you.

liz hill said...

thanks Virginia, maybe in the future.

Remember pigeons?

Finished some pigeons for Mossrock Gallery.  Andy at Mossrock loves to hang these birds around the gallery.