Out of Hospital #2

Am so delighted to report I finally got home from my 2nd stint in a hospital.  Hopefully my last.  My dear friend Roseanne visited me and was kind enough to bring a drawing pad and draw and wash  pencil, she made a great subject and was definetly the best day I spent in there.  Hopefully there will be more to come.


jgr said…
OH! I do hope you'll be staying OUT of the hospital. Your sketch is wonderful!! I love your style - and I love the sketchNwash pencils too, I have many of them and they are a favorite tool. I'll be sending you healing thoughts.
liz hill said…
thank you jgr, I accept your good wishes gratefully
bkremenezky said…
Liz - So glad you are back ! I love your pencil drawing !
Susan Liles said…
So glad you are back and all is well.
Great pencil wash drawing and looking forward to more paintings.

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