Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 20, Sugarland

I did a demonstration for the sugarland art league yesterday morning.  It was a small crowd as the "art crawl" downtown was last nite, but we had alot of fun.  Today is change out work at the Woodlands Art Gallery, may put it in there.  It's a drawing of the beautiful patricia.


Sharon Sorensen Furner said...

Hi Liz, now I know why I don't join as followers on a will find me front and center at the top of your page. Not sure how I did that. Feel free to delete or place where is appropriate. Crazy error. But it does give me a reason to make a comment on your posting. Recently I at random found your blog and paintings. They are so refreshing, different and just wonderful to look at. You have a real gift for the use of gesture. I have a friend who lives in Austin, and I think you must live near there, maybe some day she and I can take a workshop with you. But meanwhile I will enjoy your work. If you sell your pieces, I suppose one writes to you directly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday...maybe gesture a bird in flight! collaged feathers and all.
smiles: sharon

Carlos León said...

Beautiful work!!

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