Monday, May 31, 2010

Please pray and remember our vets and their families May 31

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thinking about entering

I'm thinking about entering this piece in the June show at the Watercolor Society.  I got 3rd place last month, so know I won't win anything, but at least I will have something in the show.


JUNE:  I will be teaching 4 consecutive Wednesday mornings at the Watercolor Society in Houston starting June 9.

JULY:  I will teach at a new gallery in Austin, DRAGONFLY GALLERY, on the 23, 24, and  25th.

AUGUST:  2 day workshop at  HOLLAND STREET GALLERY, in Bellville, the 9th and 10th. 

Any one interested in any of these workshops, contact me at, will give you the information.

may 31 my pigeons

these are my little pigeons I call "Praise Session I" and 2.  I have been selling these at Archway, so thought I would make some for Holland Street Gallery.  I am going tomorrow to take new work.  These are only 6"x12" and find them hard to photograph as they have a high gloss finish, but you get the idea.  I will stay on at Archway, and paint like mad to get new things done.  I was overwhelmed when my car died and had to buy another one, so am way behind.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, these are some of the 20 minute poses I did today at Studio in the Woods.

Will look at these later and see if I want to take any of them further.  This is my all time favorite model Alana.  She's a treat to work with.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


this is another Merlin painting. he has suffered much.

model at the watercolor society, May 12

Our model named Merlin has spinal bifada, his fact has a very intense look and he suffers from much pain.  An interesting model, but if you drew his body as it is, it would look very strange, so I usually just left the legs off.  On this I did do one of them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

haven't done anything lately except pigeon paintings.  I'm having trouble keeping them in stock. 

Glamour/30’s style

We draw from old films on some Sundays,this is  From “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, Albert Hitchcock  we draw from old movies every other Sund...